• The company provides its customers with extra cash which they need in case of emergency. Payday loan online is an opportunity to get the necessary amount of money quick and hassle-free. In case you experience financial difficulties of have faced some unexpected trouble and need some extra funds to manage the situation, submit the application on our site.
  • The main requirement the customer should meet is to have the place of permanent employment. The borrower should provide his personal information and bank details. As soon as the application is approved the means are transferred directly to the bank account of the client. The financial assistance from the company is a reasonable answer to the money – related problems of the employed citizens.
  • Cash loans from North and Loans company are short-term financial solution of the customer’s monetary difficulties. Online money advance are given for over a month period. The customer does not have any long-term obligations or a contract when applying for a small loan with the company.
  • The customers are free from any paperwork; neither need they to fax documents in the process of applying for the quick loan online. The application form on the site allows the company to get all the information necessary for the direct lenders cooperating with the company. The whole process is faxless from A to Z.
  • The direct enders from the network cooperating with our company are not interested in the client’s credit history, neither do they care about any possible credit card debts, late pay backs, mortgage issues, overdrafts cases, financial defaults or even court judgments. So bad credit score is not an obstacle to the company’s customers to get a loan.
  • The funds are provided to the clients by the lender in the amount possible to be covered with the next paycheck.
  • The lender does not care about the customer’s credit rating, but will analyze hiscurrent financial situation and the ability to pay the loan off. That is the very reason why every client of the company is advised to borrow only as much as he can repay without any problems to his personal budget. If the customer fails to cover the debt in time or provides only a partial payment, he will be charged additional fees. In addition to this the problem of the client’s back payment is sure to be reported to the credit authorities and the legal procedures may follow.

NorthandLoans.ca is not a direct lender, but its primary purpose is to match people who wish to get some cash in advance only with the trustworthy lenders present in the online network. Thus, if you are looking for the opportunity to get financial assistance in 24 hours without a risk to be scammed – visit the company site, fill in the application form online and be sure to get help from the reliable sources.

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