Is there any application fee?
The company doesn’t charge application fee. Payday loans online entail certain applicable fees and charges, but the potential borrowers are informed about them by the direct lenders providing service to them. The customers are advised to study the loan agreement carefully and thoroughly so that they are sure to understand each point of it and realize the consequences. In case you fail to understand some term or doubt about some condition, contact the lender directly to ask questions and to make all the details clear.
What are the requirements to qualify?
The main 4 points to qualify are the following: 18 years old minimum, Canadian citizenship or residence, valid personal bank account, permanent place of employment.
Is the personal data secured?
Any information provided through the application online or sent to the direct lender is protected by the particular system, like 128 bit SSL encryption.
Is a full-time job needed to qualify for a loan?
To be qualified for a loan a customer should not necessarily have a full time job, but meet the main qualification requirements. The decisive factor is the client’s capacity to pay the borrowed amount of money back. It’s quite possible to be qualified for a cash advance with a part time employment. The constant source of income is the factor which matters.

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