By using this site, you signify your agreement to these Terms and Conditions of the Company. These Terms and Conditions are concerned about the services provided by the company and the way the customers’ information is collected, used and shared.

Types of the information

The operator of the company collects the personal and non-personaldata of the site users with the aim of their identification. Personal Identification data The information got through serves the aims of the identification of a person. The data is collected from the customers in the process of filling the application form in at different stages, the questions submitted through the site serve informational purposes as well. The personal identification data includes the customer’s name, date of birth, address, social security number, home ownership details, employment details, driver license number, citizenship, active military information, valid telephone number, banking account details and the frequency and amount of paydays. Non-Personal Identification data Non-personal identification information is the data which is anonymous and cannot be referred to any particular person. The details of such kind are collected either directly via the website or with the help of cookies or the third party tracking system. Non-personal Identification details are the following – IP address of the PC, from where the request is, language used, type of browser, access times, details about the links, which the user has followed, site sections visited by the customers. IP address is not considered to be personal identification data as it is associated with the portal, which serves the user for the Internet access. “Cookies” are special pieces of data sent to the computers from which the site is accessed with the aim of remembering the user without his identification. The company reserves the right to share the Non-personal Identification information with the third parties and suppliers in the form of a summary for the purposes of statistical analysis of the site.

The information collected by the third parties

The company reserves the right to allow the third parties, payday lenders and advertising partners, to make advertisements through the website. The tracking technologies, cookies among them may be used to collect the users-related data as to their actions on the site. By no chance personal identification information is provided to the third parties.

How the company uses the personal identification information of the clients

The personal identification details, which the users supply to the company, are used to guarantee the customers the services or products they request,toprovide them with a high quality customer-support, to verify the details of the loan application to check if they meet the qualification requirements of the lenders cooperating with NorthandLoans company. They are needed to come into contact with the potential borrower viaphone, internet, mobile device or ordinary mail to inform him of the products or services of the company or its partners, which may arouse the client’s interest; also the customers can be contacted with the purpose of statistical or data analysis of the site use, to inform of the news, changes in the terms and conditions, etc. The company has the right to study and use the data, provided by the customer to match him with the direct money lender cooperating with the company. With the purpose of individual’s identity verification and fraudulent transactions prevention the client’s social security number and financial data can be reviewed.

Personal identification information sharing

The company may share the information about the customers with no limitations with the direct money lenders from the network cooperating with the company as well as the third party lending companies. The third parties, which are in business relations with the company are allowed to use the personal identification information of the customers, social security number and financial account details included, for making a short term loan proposal or any other business or marketing offers. Personal identification information may as well be shared with the list managers and unaffiliated third party marketers in business relations to the company. Each third party cooperating with the company may have her own policies as to the disclosure and/or use of personal details of the clients. Those policies are applied to the handling, use and disclosure of the customers’ information once it is transferred to the third parties as presupposed by these Terms and Conditions. The company is obliged to provide any personal identification data it has on investigative demand or governmental request as well as any other form of legal claim, whether it is from court or law enforcement agency, or as otherwise required by the law. The customers’ personal identification information will be disclosed only in case such disclosure is believed to be essential to avoid, investigate or take action concerning supposed fraud, unlawful activity or other wrongdoing; to defend and protect the property, privileges, or security of the company, its personnel, of the site users or other persons; to enforce the terms and conditions and other policies and agreements having attitude to the website. In case all or significant part of shares and/or assets of the company is sold or transferred to some other entity, the company is allowed to hand over the personal identification details to the acquiring body.

Links to third party websites

The company reserves the right either to provide links to websites of the third parties or automatically redirect the customers to other websites which don’t operate under these Terms and Conditions. For example, clicking on the advertisement on the client may be brought to the resource, which is not under control or operation of the company. The customers are advised to carefully study the terms of use and privacy policy of any third party website they use. Bear in mind that any third party website can unconventionally gather and solicit data from the users.


Neither the company’s site nor the company’s service is intended to be used by children under 13 years. The company may collect personal identification datafrom children younger than 13 years only being unaware about their age.


The rules, data, content, disclosures, advertisings, features and disclaimers can be altered, reviewed, improved and/or updated without any prior notice at any moment at the absolute and sole will of the company. All the alterations to these terms and conditions will be announced on the site.


The company takes technological, procedural and physical security measures to prevent any kind of unauthorized access to and inappropriate usage of the information collected via the website.

Opting-out of further contact

The company offers the website users the opportunity to opt-out if they don’t wish to receive any marketing information by means of clicking on the link provided in the end of emails received from the company.

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