1. What is the procedure of the online payday loan application?

To apply for a pay day loan from North and Loans company you should file the application form on the site and submit it. Immediately after the request is finished the information goes to the direct lenders cooperating with the company for approval of the borrower’s candidacy. In a short time the customer is informed about the status of the application.

2. What is application fee?

The company provides the application service on its website completely free of charge for the customers.

3. Can short term loans damage the customer’s credit score?

The very fact of getting the quick money loan does not influence the customer’s credit score, but it should be kept in mind that if the borrower fails to make the payment or delays it, the fact is reported to the credit-related authorities and legal procedures may follow. In such case the credit rating of the client can be influenced in a negative way.

4. Should any documents be faxed?

Due to the fact that the whole application process is realized online, there is no any paperwork and no documents should be faxed.

5. How can the client check whether the application is approved?

Pay day loan application is processed immediately after it has been submitted. As soon as the client’s data is reviewed by one of the lending companies from the network cooperating with our company, the customer is notified via e-mail.

6. Which amount is possible to borrow?

Short time loans allow the customers to get $100 to $1,500.

7. When will the money arrive?

The company provides its service to the customers round the clock that is why the money can be seen on the client’s bank account even in an hour after the application is approved. Due to the weekends, holidays or some other reasons the process can take up to 24 hours.

8. How is the loan paid back?

As the money is automatically transferred to the customer’s bank account, so the funds are withdrawn from it later on a due date. The lender debits the client’s account for the full loan amount, which includes the correspondent fees and charges. The customer should keep in mind that the money is only transferred via bank, no transmittance by Pay Pal or Western Union is possible.

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